Welcome, Fall!

I made a little autumn vignette for my front porch last week. The colors and the textures are so happy to me! The best part about it was going on a little hunt around the neighborhood for the foliage I placed in the watering can and as the garland. Sometimes my left-brained, med-school self needs to let a little creativity! Special thanks to Southern Weddings for selecting me as the weekly winner of the #cozyfallyall giveaway. What a sweet surprise!


I am exceptionally excited about Thanksgiving this year and the chance to decorate our little home. I am hoping to have some of our friends over for a Friendsgiving which gives me the excuse to bring the decorations out in full force. Expect a fall home house tour in the next couple of weeks!


Our Wedding, The Details

Hayden and I got married a year(!) ago on July 26, 2015, so I thought it would be a good time to blog about our wedding day! We were married at a lakeside venue in our hometown right before we moved to Houston to start a new job and medical school. Our wedding was featured on Cottage Hill Magazine’s online journal, so hop over there to view more about our big day! Special thanks to our incredible photographer Jen Dillender for our engagement + wedding pictures.


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