With Flowers in Your Hair

Hayden_Portra 160_AA021A-58

A day in the life captured on Porta 160.


Seaside Travels

Hayden and I saved up this year to go back to Seaside, Florida for a trip close to our one-year anniversary. With my clinical schedule and Hayden’s trips with Young Life, this past summer might have been our last summer vacation together for a few years, so we decided to go back to where we spent our honeymoon. Watercolor holds a special place in our heart and we were so happy to be back! Hayden is dabbling in shooting film photography, so the collection of photos shown here are shot with film. We were so excited to get the images back… it’s like Christmas seeing all those memories… and a real lesson in delayed gratification.

We stay in Watercolor in a carriage house that has access to the Beach Club. We LOVE this because it allows us to have towel service and the ability to walk from the beach to the pool and back. It’s especially nice when you need a little reprieve from the sun and salt. Shoot me an email if you are interested in the studio carriage house we stay in. It’s a great price and the owners are great!


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